Dr. Rajendra Dhamane – A caretaker for the destitute and abused

In Ahmednagar India, thousands of mentally ill and homeless women are left wandering the streets to fend for themselves. Many have been abandoned by their families or abused emotionally and physically. Dr. Rajendra Dhamane and his wife Sucheta work tirelessly to give them a second chance at a happy and normal life.


BLOG Rajendra 05The Dhamanes established Mauli Seva Pratishthan (MSP), a non profit organisation in 1998, to provide love, affection and care for the destitute women of Ahmednagar (Mauli means mother in the local language).  Many of these women, irrespective of their caste or religion, are taken in by the couple from the streets and given a safe heaven in which to live. Each and every one of their needs is attended to from food and shelter to counselling and medical care.  More importantly the Dhamanes provide life long care for their children, many of whom are born at the shelter.


BLOG Rajendra 03In order to raise awareness and educate the community about the plight of these women, Dr. Dhamane frequently hosts lectures and talks at various social institutes throughout the region. More recently he produced and directed a short film called JANAA based on the story of one of their patients. It was selected and screened at various film festivals in France and India.


BLOG Rajendra 04Currently the Dhamanes care for 100 women and 15 children, whom they are raising to become honest and respectable citizens of society. To date the MSP is entirely funded by public donations with no support from the government. Dr. Rajendra has plans to build a new shelter to house over 500 women and provide 100 hospital beds for those critically ill or dying.


Dr. Rajendra Dhamane is the winner of THE ONE 2016. He will receive a sum of US$100,000 as his prize money which will be used onto furthering her humanitarian project. Click on the photos below to see more photos of the Award Ceremony.

達瑪尼博士是2016年THE ONE 無名英雄獎得主。10萬美金的獎金將會用在他的人道主義項目中去。點擊下面照片查看更多頒獎典禮照片。

BLOG Rajendra 02

BLOG Rajendra 01

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點擊下圖查看更多THE ONE 入圍者:

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5 thoughts on “Dr. Rajendra Dhamane – A caretaker for the destitute and abused

  1. It’s indeed a great job you r doing .its really hard to take care of such people .only few people r there who r concerned abt such people in society ,to cure them n look after them n giving them shelter .its really a remarkable job .


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