Morn Savorn – A Mom and a Principal

Unlike many of the children she cares for today, Morn Savourn was born into one of  the richest families in her village near Siem Reap, Cambodia. When her father became critically ill, they become one of the area’s poorest.


It was during a visit to Leap Chass village, one of the most poverty stricken areas in the country, that she was faced with the worst of humanity. Although Ms. Savourn was already working for an international charity organisation, she knew she there was more she could do to give the children of Siem Reap a second chance at a better life.

在對Leap Chass—— 全國最貧窮的山村之一的一次訪問中,她看到了最糟糕的生活狀況。雖然薩佛恩已經在為一個國際慈善機構工作,她知道她可以為興利市的孩子們做更多事情,給他們更好生活的機會。

BLOG new morn 01In 2010, she established the Children and Development Organisation (CDO) and built a school that houses 100 students for daytime classes a well as full-time boarders. The students at CDO aren’t orphans. In fact, many of them have parents in Leap Chass, which is two hours away. The CDO however provides these children with all the necessities that their parents can’t – a stable and better education, clean water and nutritious food and proper clothing.  Above all it is a safe haven where they can become better members of the community thanks to initiatives that teach them about sustainability and other world issues.

2010年,她建立了CDO (兒童發展協會),還建起一所學校,為100個學生上課和提供住宿。CDO的學生不是孤兒,其實他們很多人的父母在Leap Chass,距協會兩個小時車程。然而CDO可以提供很多他們父母提供不到的條件—— 穩定優良的教育,乾淨的水源,食物和衣服,總之是一個安全溫暖的港灣,一個可以教導他們如何融入社會的地方。

BLOG new morn 02Currently, Ms. Savourn lives and works from the CDO devoting 24 hours a day to saving the children of Cambodia. Once a month she and a group of volunteers visit Leap Chass to cook a meal for the villagers, many of them parents of the students at CDO. She has also built several water wells in the village to provide them with clean water and sanitation, while offering regular health check-ups with the help of doctors who are brought to Cambodia through her international volunteer programme.

現在,薩佛恩住在CDO里,全天24小時為拯救柬埔寨兒童而工作。每個月,她和一群志願者都會去Leap Chass為村民煮飯,許多都是CDO學生的家長。她還在村裡挖了幾口水井,提供給他們清潔水源和衛生環境,在一些國際志願者醫生的幫助下,她還為他們提供週期性的健康檢查。

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Ms. Savourn’s work doesn’t stop there. To date, the CDO is entirely self-funded although she works tirelessly to generate other sources of income with the help of volunteers including laundry services for visitors and teaching English to other students.


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Morn Savourn is one of the finalists in THE ONE 2016. She has received US$50,000 prize money which will be used to further her humanitarian project. Click on the photos below to see more photos of the Award Ceremony.

莫恩·薩佛恩入圍2016年THE ONE無名英雄獎。她得到五萬美元獎金,這些錢將用作支持她的人道主義項目。點擊下面圖片查看更多頒獎晚會照片。

BLOG Morn 01BLOG all 01

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點擊查看2016年THE ONE其他入圍者:

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