Hari Bhandary – A hero who has created a better future for his community

Growing up in the small village of Meghauliin Nepal, Hari Bhandary witnessed the hardships of life from a young age. His village was plagued with poor health care and sanitation, but fortunately he was afforded a better life than most, and was able to complete his education before securing a paid job in Kathmandu.


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When he turned 19 , he purchased a parcel of land and established a guest house for tourists. He started selling Nepalese jewelry and organizing tours for tourists to raise funds for members of the community.


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In 1990 a chance encounter with social workers from Germany inspired him to establish a  much-needed medical clinic. After completing his Medical Training in  Katmandu he founded a new organisation, Shanti Sewa Ghriha, together with several friends ,and through which he built a hospital and rehabilitation centre in Kathmandu in 1992. His hometown of Meghauli was next on his list.

1990年,來自德國的社工遇到他並且鼓勵他成立一個更有需求性的診所。在完成加德滿都的醫療培訓之後,他成立了一個名為 “ 靚麗人生” 的新組織,在幾個朋友的幫助下,該組織建立了一家醫院和一家康復中心,那是在1992年的加德滿都。他的家鄉梅加烏里緊隨其後。

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Raising funds for the new project wasn’t easy – he had to sell his personal possessions and appeal to hundreds of donors via letters. Finally in 1997 a new organisation, ClinicNepal, was born with the mission to improve health, sanitation, access to clean water and education in Meghauli.

為新項目籌款並不容易— 他必須把個人資產賣掉,然後寫信聯繫其他捐獻者。最後在1997年,尼泊爾診所在梅加烏里落成,目的是提高當地的醫療衛生條件,和教育水平。

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Since then ClinicNepal has launched various initiatives in Meghauli including the opening of the Friendship Clinic health care centre which offers proper medical care to the sick and impoverished. They have also implemented programmes focusing on vocational training, education and farming, while setting up free health camps in remote villages run by health care providers and volunteers. Meanwhile the Clean Water Project, which was established in 2001, has seen over 240 water pumps installed in and around the village to provide clean water. They also they built about 2700 latrines. They are currently working on building homes for earthquake victims in the Gorkha region.


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And in 2015 they initiated a project to provide safe drinking water to run directly  from taps in about 1400 houses.

Today Mr. Bhandhary serves as an ambassador for his country and continues to educate his countrymen on the need to eliminate human suffering and their duty to serve others.



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Hari Bhandary is one of the finalists in THE ONE 2016. He has received US$50,000 prize money which will be used to further his humanitarian project. Click on the photos below to see more photos of the Award Ceremony.

哈利·班達里入圍2016 THE ONE 無名英雄獎。他得到五萬美元獎金,以幫助他繼續他的人道項目。點擊下面圖片查看更多頒獎晚會照片。

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